Have you ever looked at your wardrobe and realized that your most cherished, fancy items are rarely used? That most days, you settle for the basic stuff, saving the best for 'special occasions'? Well life IS a special occasion!

Missiris Montréal was born out of a desire to blend the high-fashion fanciness we all admire with the practicality we all daily need. Our bags aren’t just accessories; they are your little daily reminder that through good times and bad times, you’re a queen!

Missiris' mission is to make you feel special every day, the same way you feel when you go to a fancy event.



Quality: MISSIRIS will not offer any product that is not of superior and durable quality.

Exceptional customer experience: Whether it's our customer service, our packaging or browsing our website, we want to offer you an experience that you will remember and that you will want to share.

Honesty and transparency: MISSIRIS undertakes to demonstrate this at all times to customers.



Conception : All of our bags are designed in Montreal, with clumsy drawings and instructions from our founder. Samples are then made, tested and modified until the perfect bag is obtained. This can often take several iterations but nothing is too perfect for you!

Materials: We are constantly looking for innovations in this area, to offer materials as durable as real leather (which we do not use for animal protection reasons) but which remain affordable for you. The material that meets these criteria for now is polyurethane (PU leather), a vegan leather that is especially resistant to moisture, heat and light. So you will never have to worry about the quality and durability of your bag.

In the future, we want to go even further by using plant-based vegan leathers such as pineapple, grape, or even apple peel fibers…Your support will be needed to achieve this!

Factory: We would love to give you a bag that was built entirely in Montreal, and maybe one day we'll make it happen, but for now, your wallet would suffer a lot. Our manufacturing is therefore done in Asia, but we have made it a point of honor to select a factory that puts people at the center of everything! Our factory employs unemployed people and provides them with free housing, free meals and free education for their children if they need it and ensures that they work under fair conditions. Our factory also strives to use recycled materials and prevent waste as much as possible.



Behind MISSIRIS MONTREAL, is me, Aïsha.

I'm a young mother of two young girls under four years old. Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) by profession, I've always had a passion for fashion and I am more than happy to now share it with the world.

My greatest motivation is to show my daughters that being a woman, more specifically a woman from an ethnic minority, should be a catalyst and not a hindrance to success. Nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible with a lot of work and I intend to prove it to my daughters and make them leaders tomorrow! Sleepless nights and the challenges of entrepreneurship are better experienced with such a beautiful goal in mind!


Thanks for reading and supporting 😊

xoxo, Aïsha