What Canadian women want vs what celebrities want!

In 2024, the lines between celebrity fashion desires and the practical needs of Canadian women are blurring, converging on shared values of sustainability, diversity, and the quest for uniqueness in a world dominated by social media.

Here's how these groups are finding common ground and where their paths diverge.


Unified Values: Sustainability and Diversity

Both celebrities and Canadian consumers are increasingly championing sustainable fashion. Figures like Emma Watson have put eco-friendly handbags in the spotlight, a trend that resonates with environmentally conscious Canadians. Moreover, the call for diversity in fashion has unified these audiences, demanding designs that reflect global cultures and stories, broadening representation in the industry.


The Quest for Uniqueness

In an era where social media often homogenizes aesthetics, both celebrities and everyday consumers crave handbags that make a statement and offer something different from the mainstream. There's a growing appetite for handbags that not only carry personal items but also carry a story, a piece of art, or a conversation starter, transcending traditional designs to truly stand out.


Diverging Desires: Timelessness vs. Statement Pieces

While both groups value uniqueness, their approach to selecting handbags reveals differing priorities. Canadian women tend to seek out timeless pieces that promise longevity and versatility, blending seamlessly with various aspects of their daily lives. However, the uniformity often seen across social media platforms has sparked a desire among them for distinctive pieces that break the mold, moving beyond the "Instagram aesthetic" to express individuality.

On the other hand, celebrities are drawn to the allure of bespoke, high-end designer collaborations that may not always prioritize practicality. Their selections are often about making bold statements, with a preference for luxury brands and custom-made pieces that capture attention on the red carpet and beyond.

Conclusion: A Fashionable Fusion

The 2024 handbag landscape is one of fashionable fusion, where the glamour of celebrity style meets the grounded desires of Canadian consumers. This intersection fosters a market ripe for innovation—where sustainable practices, diverse designs, and the yearning for uniqueness drive the creation of handbags that are not only functional but also deeply personal and distinct (which is the core of MISSIRIS MONTRÉAL).

As we navigate this evolving space, one thing is clear: the handbag of the future is one that carries more than just belongings—it carries values, identity, and a sense of belonging in the vast world of fashion.


- Aïsha Temfack, Founder of MISSIRIS MONTRÉAL